S. Don Perion

S Don Perion

S Don Perion is a Toronto native who lives and breaths music. S Don is widely known as one of the most determined and hardest working rappers originally from the 416(Toronto).   Having moved to London, S Don would start the ground work to create Black Dreams Entertainment, an Indie Based Label that does more that  makes music matter.  .   S Don as C.E.O. of Black Dreams, during the early years, stayed in the back ground recording from time to time till he knew that the time was right for him to do a full length E.P. of which he did entitled “U.K. Ultimate Knowledge.”  With a Skools Out Tour in 2015 to support this dynamic project, S Don performed at several venues, and one night shows   across Ontario.  As 2016 came to be, S Don was back in the studio doing the follow project with Apexx 245. A full length Mixtape that has garnered great reviews with selected tracks with that S Don Perion Signature diversity his fans have come to know and love.  Always busy, this outstanding artist continues to record, write, eager to always perform and give his all.   A two time Jack Richardson Music Award Nominee, it does not stop here.   It has only begun.

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